Vampyric Lore, Fact, and Fiction

Welcome to the home page of the VAMPYRES mailing list. For those of you who are wishing to join our email discussion list on Vampyric Lore, Fact, and Fiction, send mail to with a message body of "subscribe vampyres-digest" for digest mode, or "subscribe vampyres" for single-post mode. For those not familiar with email discussion lists, digest mode is where the subscriber gets all the day's posts in on mailing (there can be more than one per day if the list volume is high). This is ideal for people who primarily wish to read the list posts, or do not like to deal with lots of additional mail. In single-post mode, the subscriber gets a copy of each post as is it made to the list. This is generally the best method for those who plan to be active participants.

For those who wish more information, or current listmembers looking for list resources, we offer the following

The New Listmember Welcome Letter (currently in text format)

List Info Files (all currently in text format):

Vampyres Netiquette: a brief guide on getting along with others on the list.

The Vampyres Directory contains general information about the list and list resources.

The Dictionary of Vampspeak has a list of terms that may be unique to this list.

How to Post Fluff is a file with the guidelines for posting fiction ("Fluff") to the list.

V-Parties and Big Fluff contains the guidelines for the hosting of virtual parties and the posting of long works of fiction on the list.

The list Archives

Links to Listmember Home Pages

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